Emerging Designer of the Week: Danielle Foster

Danielle Foster Handbags

United-Kingdon-Flag-For fall, London-based handbag designer Danielle Foster has partnered with British womenswear label Charlie May to fuse their talents and work off of each others synergies. Taking inspiration from volcanic ash, ice, rock and fire, her key silhouettes the tote and satchel now come in a black and burgundy color blocking made from a durable bridle leather. Her new piece, a masculine, boxy in shape clutch with studs also follows suit. And, building of off Danielle's affinity with 1940s erotica and bondage tourture, she's introduced a jewelry collection made up of leathers, spikes and a clear PVC material making both the collections tough and sexy at the same time.

Learn more about this London-based designer at Danielle Foster.

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