Emerging Designer of the Week: Deivie

Deivie womenswear Christina Mannino revels in the playful side of fashion. This season, her New York-based line Deivie tells a story of old Hollywood glamour meshed with a playful, witty aesthetic. She takes us for a spin with dresses, flirty skirts and pieces that are definitely smile worthy. Case and point: her dresses and tops that were embroidered with confession "hate notes" that first lived on her Truth/Burn art installation in 2010. She's also channeling a country glam, picnic party them with pieces in gingham, grass-green brocade and sky blue vinyl.

For her irreverent socialista, a name that she's given to her woman, she explains, “my customer finds dressing up amusing and has fun with her outfits. She likes to be original so is often in vintage pieces or special finds..." And, that's why Christina's "Be Electric" brand mantra is spot on with this collection.


Learn more about this emerging designer label at Deivie. 

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