Emerging Designer of the Week: Saunder

Emily Saunder's line SAUNDEREmerging-Designer-USA-Flag2The Saunder girl. She's a fun-loving urban warrior with forward thinking sensibilities. And, she has a penchant for some serious style. For fall, Emily Saunders infused her affair with rock and roll (think the glory days of Queen) into the collection. She told us, "I translated the textures and complexities of the music I was listening to into the rich fabrics of the season, using a palate strong with deep gem tones. Ultimately, I strove to project a feeling of the time and of the music" Her emerald dress, so appropriately on trend for the season mixes washed silk and metallic jacquard with modern lines and geometric cuts. Pulled together and flirtatious, it's a style for all of those make-a-statement moments.

Learn more about this made in New York label at Saunder.

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