Emerging Designer Spotlight: Carmen Rincon


Carmen Rincon's namesake emerging designer label speaks to the duality of her rich cultural heritage. She grew up in the Dominican Republic, studied in Spain at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and now lives in New York where she attended Fashion Institute of Technology. Her experience in the industry at variety of fashion houses in both cities helped her hone her skills, knowledge of fabrics and construction.  She told us that the brand's silhouettes merge the fast-paced life of New York, Madrid’s royal elegance, and the effortless ease of a Caribbean resort. Her Fall/Winter 2018 collection was inspired by travel to Europe. Novelty fabrics and a clean color story with pieces made for layering, stand alone power and versatility for multi-climates and lifestyles are in the mix. Indeed feminine, the ruffles, textured fabrics and modestly fitted  pants, tops and vests, which is the brand's signature all speak to the sophisticated nature of the line. With their Palazzo pants and off the shoulder top and dress options, there's a perfect dress code for style and grace in the making.

The silhouettes subtly merge elements from New Yorkers’ edgy fast-paced life, Madrid’s sober royal elegance, and the effortless ease of a Caribbean resorts’ lifestyle. 

Carmen Rincon

Carmen Rincon

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