Emerging Designer Spotlight: Delacier


Hungarian-based emerging designer Dora Domokos started her brand by experimentation. While in school at Modart Fashion and Art School in Budapest began using a traditional string art technique while focusing on accessories and apparel. She quickly saw the beauty of the material and started using it on stainless steel jewelry. That's when Delacier, an acronym that stands for Dora, elegance and acier or steel in French came to life. You'll see that her spring 15 collection stays true to her quest for an elegant aesthetic and combines moderns shapes to create bold pieces all from stainless steel.  The variety of the collection whether that's on a cuff, choker or necklace is through the texture. The organic like drizzle effect that occurred from treating the steel came out of her attraction to rusty and shabby surfaces. It also adds a level of distinction and artful ness.  String is also a strong player. It's woven differently each time and sometimes hangs as fringe to take a necklace to the next level. For those that want extreme fashion, there's her body armor piece and other bespoke necklaces

Learn more about this label at Delacier

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