Emerging Designer Spotlight: Forms

An architect by day, Anastasia Komarova wanted to translate her craft into something smaller, tangible and filled with texture. That's when she created Forms, a handbag line that experiments with composition through plastics and leathers while staying true to her design aesthetic. Although a hobby when she started, the positive feedback was all she needed to take the endeavor seriously. Collectively, the work she's made to-date is striking. You'll see inspiration from French architect Le Corbusier through his project "Plan Voisin" along with buildings or blueprints that influence shapes and textures. The line consists of a variety of dimensional geometrical styles in a range of colors that have that enthralling touch and play factor. The bags not only work well as an art form, as she's paired it with balloons, a zebra and nest, they are also functional. 

She told us the each bag can be worn into 12 different variations. "The main idea is the play, which gives you the ability to wear one bag in different ways. You can manage the way the bag looks according to your current mood and situation. It can be an ongoing process that will allow you to explore new possibilities of how your bags can look like." 


Learn more about this New York and Moscow-based label at Forms and follow them on Instagram.


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