Emerging Designer Spotlight: L’alingi


Nostalgia sparked Alia Zaki's desire to develop L'alingi, an eclectic accessories label that is made up of clutches that are playfully fantastical, functional works of art. The Lebanese graphic designer who worked with advertising and branding companies, quite literally had a sweet spot for ice cream growing up. You'll see that the scoop, one of the brand's signatures works as a handle on many of her pieces. 

I think sweets make most people happy and resonates the child inside everyone of us. The brand should be known for it's humorous and daring designs offering pieces of art rather than practical handbags. My favorite signature piece is the ice cream scooper, the first design I came up with and the most desirable. The handle is actually quite handy and easy to carry around. 

Zaki's inspiration came from her love of the dessert and a newly found fascination into the colorful world of fake food seen throughout Japan. The design challenge became combining fashion with food that didn't feel artificial and worked in harmonious way. 

Each of her pieces tell a clever, fun story and are made with thoughtful craftsmanship in mind.  Made of plexi, gold plated brass, Swarovski crystals and enamel, clutches take two weeks to make and are manufactured in Lebanon. Inside, each piece has a mirror, inspirational quote and a small pocket. Best of all, it's the perfect combo of childhood flair in the guise of an adult accessory. 


L’alingi clutch



L’alingi clutches

L’alingi Clutchs


Learn more at L’alingi.

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