Emerging Designer Spotlight: LER


A consumption upgrade. It's the quiet change that's slowly happening with professional, well-traveled, urban women in China. These consumers are moving away from large luxury brands and seeking thoughtful, quality products that will become a long-lasting part of their wardrobe and fit into their ethos of mindfulness.  Shanghai-based designer Yixian Li wants to capitalize on the art of slowing down with her second line LER, which means smile in Scandinavia while the name in China relates to a long-held Chinese concept of seizing upon the right moment for transformation.

Having worked in banking for 8 years and achieving success with her first label Xian Zhuo, that focuses on new classics, she believes that good design is built on the philosophy that less is more.

For LER, a good design is measured and mature, serving its wearer without overshadowing one’s personality. The brand stresses simplicity, breath and warmth in life and focuses on the quality and moderation missed by many.

Li describes the brand as functional, beautiful and sustainable. Her latest collection takes an elegant approach and is made for daily life, travel and important events. What's clear is that Scandinavian minimal design meets Chinese influences are used into the collection as you'll see details such as a standing collar, a Chinese style jacket and a kimono sleeve along with common colors like black, red, yellow and white.

All together, there's a feeling of blissful harmony throughout. Tops are soft and cozy, with silk and cashmere options that often come with elongated sleeves that can easily be layered. The bottoms, are all cuts that seem effortless and can sharpen up any dress code. Free flowing skirts and jackets are crisp and small details like a cuff that can be worn as a glove is another example of thoughtful design.    


Learn more at LER.

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