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Being today's modern business woman comes with a certain set of truths. She has to walk with confidence, be a diligent, connected multi-tasker, and at times, factor travel into her work week. For many, the wardrobe that goes along with this lifestyle is usually the drab pant suit in a few different colors that feels more like a uniform than a match to her needs and personality.

This story was Sarah LaFleur's routine. Her work trips, sometimes overnight left her disheveled and wrinkled despite her attempts to stay put together. Realizing that others felt this way and there was an obvious gap in the market, she connected with Miyako, a designer with experience in the luxury market and Narie, the operations arm of the team to develop M.M. LAFLEUR. 

This new contemporary line of womenswear focuses on dresses that address the needs of the professional woman. Their ethos is simple: "to create professional clothing for the purposeful woman." That is, for the one that's ambitious and not defined by her job or one thing. She embraces multiple sides of herself and can have power, sex appeal and confidence inside and out.

To do this, they created an assortment of sleek silhouettes that embrace the female figure in a range of comfortable and easy-to-care for fabrics like stretch wool and silk. Some of their pieces are classics, others accentuate the waist and there's even a few that resemble a pencil skirt and blouse combination in a soft, yet rich color story. Miyako told us, "every seam, every fold, every dart should naturally fall into its correct place to bring out the beauty of the female body." This goes back to their philosophy that's based on Japanese traditional wrapping where every dress has sort of element to enhance to figure. Case and point, the Felisa dress, which is their take on the wrap dress.

To-date, they've had success with trunk shows which has also helped them tap into another consumer insight. They found that their customer didn't always buy the first or second dress they tried on. It was about finding the right one and maybe the sixth or seventh was the style that worked for them.

To recreate the experience and the benefit that a traditional retail fitting room offered, they created their own variation. On their website, women can select up to four dresses that are shipped to them to have their own at-home dressing room. Users have up to 7 days to make their selection and pay for what they keep. Plus, shipping is covered both ways.

From concept, design and execution, it's clear that M.M Lafeleur gives her purposeful woman pieces to match all of the things that define her while also finding a model that combines the convenience of online shopping with the benefits of brick and mortar shopping.

Learn more about this made in New York label at M.M LaFleur and connect on Twitter. 

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