Emerging Designer Spotlight: Mariañes


On the outside, silhouettes are relaxed, easy and exude a refined sense of comfort. A peak inside, you'll see that there's more depth to Mariañes, a New York-based emerging designer label that focuses on thoughtful design with a sustainable approach.

The designer, Maria Agnes, wanted to create pieces that were classic and beautiful where quality was paramount. As her second fashion venture, this time, she decided to take a slow approach to fashion by taking into consideration the way garments impact people and the environment by assessing the components of her supply chain.

An avid traveler, she knew that a mix of wearability, modesty and breathable fabrics on the skin were important for the collection. Combining these must-haves with organic silk, jersey and cotton with inspiration from her visit to Bali was the spark for creation. 

Shirt dresses, full-length tanks, asymmetric styles that focus on the appeal of just one sleeve are available in a warm set of colors including white, beige, blue and black. Back details and fluidity throughout make silhouettes nothing but ordinary. And, the use of Japanese fabrics that yield a quality hand and low impact dyes which use less water in the process and are free of a variety of toxic chemicals also make up the season. The result? The merging of ethical fashion with gorgeous design.

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Learn more about this emerging designer label at Mariañes.

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