Emerging Designer Spotlight: Metro Retro Apparel


Plaids, tartans, polka dots and other vintage patterns have been the inspiration for Kamrul Hasan's New York-based Metro Retro Apparel label. After a stint in menswear and designing for himself and friends, he soon realized that it could become a viable business. Starting with wool and cotton narrow ties, the brand developed traction and evolved into other traditional accessories such as bow ties, scarves and his pocket circle, a fresh twist on the square and one of his best sellers. Now, giving gentleman the confidence to navigate their own scene with a preppy swagger, the label is certainly a dapper offering for those that want to elevate their style.

Kamrul is also keen on producing in New York. Producing locally gives him a sense of pride and allows him to work with a good friend with over 30 years of expert craftsmanship. He told us, "three years ago when this factory was almost going out of business (because most production goes to China for cheaper labor), I decided to produce all my goods locally. I may not be able to move the economy by myself, but I am proud to generate 3-4 full time jobs."


Learn more about this made in New York label at Metro Retro Apparel.

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