Emerging Designer Spotlight: Preview


One look at Preview's accessories and you'll think hair goals. The new emerging designer label creates contemporary design-centric hair accessories that will make you want to style your hair or make what's in disarray, look a whole lot put together. The business is a true collaboration. There's Cara the colorist, Victoria the interior designer, Ben the project manager and metal fabricator and Veronica, a real estate agent. They all bring something good to the table and three of the founders went to Pratt Institute which churns out some of the best in product design.

They wanted to create pieces for the busy consumer that may not have enough time to take care of their hair. At the same time they knew that it had to be beautiful, functional and accessible.

Striking shapes made in solid brass and hand polished for high shine come with black hair elastics and custom brass crimps. The pieces come apart too so it's easy to experiment. Their hashtag, #howdoyoupreview shows some creative styling and may potentially give you hair envy.



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Photography by Sergiy Barchuk

Styling by Malcolm Cuthbert

Learn more at Preview.

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