Emerging Designer Spotlight: SEVDA Handbags and Scarves

 Sevda Handbags


London-based designer Sevda Mutlu is relaunching her namesake label with a refreshing outlook. After selling in both the UK and the United States, she took the feedback that she received from major retailers, speciality boutiques and buyers, and started a new journey. Her goal was to find top notch materials to ensure quality for her products.

Now, her handbags are produced in Italy using traditional hand crafted techniques and bespoke hardware. This season she's bringing back two of her signature styles which both have criss-crossed leather straps, a detail that that she's becoming known for. There's also the Audrey tote and mini, that helps give the collection a good range of contemporary silhouettes.

In addition to her design and quality focus, she's also made it a point to stay conscious with vendors, making sure that they work with ethical contractors, no child labor is used and strives to work with safer materials.

For spring 15, she's launched a matching silk and cashmere blend scarf collection. Patterns are bold, colorful, grounded in orange and tell a story of London, what she calls a very happy London.

I really enjoy a colorful and a very happy London – exact opposite of its reputation – that smiles quite often with its sunshine peeking through the clouds, and the beautiful flowers enveloping the city. This vibrant and energetic atmosphere has been my influence to find the excellence and beauty in my silk products.

For Sevda, it was easy to find her inspiration and thus, created a story told through carves. "One of the beautiful features of London is its parks and gardens. I didn’t really need to look further than London to find inspiration for my scarves. I call this collection “My Elegant British Garden” with its unique little details like crowned little birds, aristocratic tulips and roses with their own elegance, as well as dahlias with their charm are the main features of my collection. I very much loved to use them in bold and large scales in my designs. Butterflies are everywhere, flying with joy and happiness, in my design gardens."

Learn more about the brand at SEVDA.

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