Week in Review: Joe Zee Gives Fashion Advice, Maximize Your Business Card and Pinterest Analytics


1. Want to understand which pins are the most effective? Read this article on 6 Pinterest analytics tools that will give you insight and data on what you are pinning. (via Mashable)

2. What are the little things in your product line that can make a difference in a wardrobe? See how these pieces can transform an outfit and may be a new way to position your items. (via the Wall Street Journal)

3. Your business card is one of the most important piece of collateral that you can give someone. Here are 5 ways to maximize your business card. (via Open Forum)

4. Elle's Creative Director Joe Zee and host of "All on the Line" offers smart, truthful advice to young designers on how to start a fashion business. (via Fast Company)

5. Building brand loyalty is key to gaining ambassadors and getting customers to come back. Here are 3 ways to build loyalty in order to keep and foster relationships. (via Inc)