From McQueen to Four Young Designers: Exposing Process the Film at the Tate Museum


Is consumption taking a toll on fashion? From emerging designers to legendary icons, the question plagues the industry. In the latest exhibition at the Tate Britain museum, Nick Waplington showcases Alexander McQueen's working process through a series of photographs that focuses on his last collection Horns of Plenty. The pictorial story shows the tension between mass production, destruction and renewal.

In response to the exhibition, emerging filmmaker Scott Carthy was commissioned by the Tate to interview four designers to understand their process and techniques. Featuring: Sadie ClaytonPhoebe KowalskaHarry Mundy and Olubiyi Thomas  their stories are strikingly similar to McQueen and tell the importance of craftsmanship and utilizing handmade or developed techniques instead of manufactured garments.

The short film Exposing Process  will be screened on May 15, 2015 at the Tate Britain during the Young People's Private View in mid May. Learn more about the Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen:

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