Well Dressed: 3rd Annual Fashion Law Institute Symposium on April 19

Fashion Law Institute Symposium The Fashion Law Institute, the first academic institution with a focus on the law and fashion presents Well Dressed: 3rd Annual Fashion Law Symposium on April 19, at Fordham Law School in New York. The full day event will cover a variety of topics that are relevant in the fashion industry right now.

The topics for the day include:

Well Spoken:  Litigating the Fashion Law Case, in Court and in the Public Eye

Photographers’ flashes can be as blinding outside the courtroom as they are on the runway when the docket is focused on fashion.  Litigating a high-stakes, high-interest case involves more than just legal prowess.  It requires a carefully crafted public relations campaign designed to navigate the 24-hour news cycle and the patience to explain complex legal questions to both the judge and the media-hungry public, thus bridging two worlds, one in black robes and the other in little black dresses.

Wishing Well: Exploring the Fashion/Philanthropy Connection

Whether via a runway show, a special sale, or a product promoting a cause, the fashion industry is particularly eager to give back to those in need.  Sometimes otherwise unrelated philanthropic efforts also turn to fashion as a means to create employment or draw attention to a social issue.  But even helping humanity requires paperwork.  From advertising to tax returns, it’s important that those who do good know how to do it well.

Well Done! Eco-Chic, FTC Guidelines, and What it Means to Be Green

The Pantone color of the year for 2013 may be emerald, but green fashion isn’t just a color trend – it’s an ethical choice by designers who are embracing a sustainable approach to fashion without sacrificing style.  Recently, the Federal Trade Commission updated its Green Guides, which provide instruction as to when products and advertisements may include words, certifications, and claims about the environment.  How can fashion houses continue to go green, and how can they share that commitment with the public?

Well Made: Fashioning the Supply Chain

Every season consumers rush to stores in search of the latest fashions, often with little attention to how the garments they buy are actually made. Now and then, however, a tragedy occurs, and reports of child labor, low wages, and hazardous sweatshop conditions make headlines. These reports are even more troubling when the clothing factories involved have been inspected and certified as complying with international labor standards.  What can we – fashion houses, standards-setting organizations, governments, the public – do to monitor the supply chain?

Well Proportioned: 3D Printing, Law, and the Future of Fashion

Just spilled wine on your new Spring 2025 jacket? No problem – just print out a new outfit. Even now, in its early stages, 3D printing is lauded as the future of fashion. It has the potential to spark innovation, encourage sustainability, and promote accessibility to new styles.  But like the photocopier and the internet in previous generations, this new technology also raises questions for those in the creative, manufacturing, and business sectors of the fashion industry. What are the legal dimensions of the 3D revolution?

To learn more, visit the Fashion Law Institute and register for the symposium. 

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