Fresh Marketing: Alexander Wang's Street Theater


Alexander Wang began promoting his Fall 2011 collection through a short film projected on walls of buildings in Union Square, the Meat Packing District and the West Village.  Shot by Fabien Baron, most notable for Madonna's Sex book, the film focuses on a chic vixen in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse traipsing in Wang's tough, yet sexy wares in a rock and roll meets thriller-like plot.

With Fall collections in stores soon, this was a fresh way to create news and a reminder for the brand as many have already seen it due to the accessibility of Fashion Week and on online sites that have already reviewed his line. Plus, for a brand that does not do traditional advertising, this is an example of guerrilla style effort that creates a burst of hype and excitement. This street theater approach also lets fans or a passerby be a part of the brand experience, which is so important, because many can only covet an Alexander Wang piece.

With any designer, creating marketing efforts that are innovative and non-traditional should be a part of your marketing strategy. I'm certainly not encouraging young designers to find a wall to execute a projection, but an idea like this can help your brand stand out, especially when it has the potential to live on various social media platforms. The film was uploaded on the his site, but seeing it live was even better for me.