Full Scholarships to the East and West Coast Fashion Law Institute Bootcamps

Fashion Law Institute Bootcamp

Interested in learning more about fashion law?

This summer, The Fashion Law Institute in partnership with LEVI STRAUSS & CO. is running a 2-week summer intensive program to help professionals learn more about legal issues in the fashion industry. Run by Susan Scafidi, Founder and Academic Director of the Institute and the first professor to focus on fashion law, the program offers students, non-lawyer fashion industry professionals and designers the opportunity to explore the topic.

Several scholarships have been offered by various donors that will cover the cost of the entire program which is valued at $3,900 for designers and non-lawyer fashion industry professionals.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Business and finance
  • International trade and government regulation
  • Consumer culture and civil rights
  • Sustainability and green fashion
  • Import/export regulations
  • Licensing agreements
  • Fashion financing

East Coast Bootcamp

When: Weekday evenings May 20-May 30, other than Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27) Where: Fordham Law School, 140 W. 62nd, New York, NY, immediately south of Lincoln Center

West Coast Bootcamp

When: Weekday evenings August 4-8 and all day Saturday, August 9 Where:  Levi’s Plaza, 1155 Battery St., San Francisco, CA

To apply and learn more, visit the Fashion Law Institute Bootcamp page.

Note:  Under the last question, “Scholarship application (Designers or full-time non-lawyer fashion industry professionals only)?” click  “Yes” and then submit.  Please ignore the PayPal form, which should be set to $0 -- once you click "Submit Application," you're all set.)

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