Get Information About Your Contacts with This Simple Email Extension


Interested in learning more about who you are emailing? Or, who emails you. Yes, a little intelligence to make your pitches, customer service and network stronger can go a long way.

One easy and free way to do this is with Rapportive. It's an extension that you can add to your browser when using Gmail (you can use Gmail with a branded account, e.g. that pulls up their LinkedIn information so you are able to see someone's title, position and potentially other details like a Twitter handle.

Once you're set up, their information will appear in the sidebar of your Gmail. Another way to pull up a profile is to hover over their address.


If you get emails from sources like Mailchimp or an e-commerce platform, copy and paste the address into the to section of a new email and hover over the name for their information to come up. Doing this is great way to find out demographic information.

Learn more at Rapportive.

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