Here’s Why You Should Commit to Creating Your Brand's Top 10 List


Entrepreneurship can make you feel like you're moving at the speed of light. You’re managing the good, bad, stressful and life! Despite everything that comes your way, it’s important to take the time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished not only to pat yourself on the back, but a way to review your brand’s growth. One way to do this is to create a top 10 list for each year. To get you in the habit of looking at your business wins, document your year month by month. Once you commit to doing this, you’ll keep your eye out on what you want to highlight and challenge yourself to always keep moving forward.

Here are the types of accomplishments you can document for your top 10 list.


1. Shipping to new stores or restocking collections like Upstate. 



2. Securing partnerships and collaborations like Chromat.



3. Business milestones such as new hires, office space or launching e-commerce like Masterclass Apparel.



4. Garnering press, celebrity and brand ambassador attention like Harbison. 


@Beyonce❤️ #HARBISON SS15 Gold Twill Trench #Beyoncé c/o @zerinaakers with @531jerome dress

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5. Awards and industry recognition like Wwake. 



6. The power and appreciation of your internal and external teams such as makeup artists, photographers or showrooms like Study.



7. Travel and inspiration like Titania Inglis.


levitation | minimalist pilgrimage completed | ph @hmyint as ever.

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8. Big wins that make your hardwork payoff like Susie Saltzman.


Yippee! Today we hit 6,000 and couldn't be happier! Thank you for the love! All 6,000 of you!

A photo posted by Susie Saltzman (@susiesaltzman) on



Save these wins in places like Evernote, Pinterest or in Dropbox and make sure you continually add to it. At the end of the year, you can reflect on what you've accomplished and have an internal journal of each year. It's also another piece of content that you can share with your network, in your newsletter, blog and to any key constituents.

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