Here's Why You Should Have a Dedicated Power Hour


As an entrepreneur, there are so many things that you  want to get accomplished in a day. Planning your social media, talking to vendors or returning emails are probably just a few things on your to-do list. Getting these tasks done or event started isn't always easy so it's important to develop habits that will make you more efficient. One way to cross things off and boost your productivity is committing to a power hour or a time during the day to get your most important or even your most tedious tasks completed. The reason why this management strategy can work is because it forces you to commit to a short block of time.

Here are three tips for a successful power hour:

1. Determine When

Either the night before or prior to starting work each morning, determine when your hour will be. You can either make it a consistent time throughout the week or schedule what works best for that day. By setting aside time in advance, you are committing to it and have a greater chance of making it happen.

2. Split Up Your Hour

Split your hour into 15 or 30 minute increments. This will allow you to switch to the next task and keep your mind fresh. By finishing more than one task, you may even feel more accomplished.

3. Reward Yourself Take A Break

When you're done with your session, be sure to give yourself a break. Take a walk, stretch or eat! And, if you think you can go for longer, just assess how you feel and what your schedule holds. Either way, it’s a good way of getting things done and a realistic daily commitment.

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