How and Why You Need to Be Ready For Press Opportunities


Emerging-Designer Press Opportunities As an emerging designer, getting press may seem difficult when you’re first starting out. The good thing is that all media outlets need quality content, which means more opportunities for you.

There are long lead publications that are often known as monthlies. There are also weeklies, dailies and online magazines as well as blogs that publish multiple times a day. Don't forget about television programming and radio too. When you add up the various types of media and sections (e.g. news, editorial, features) within each outlet, hopefully you'll see that there are many ways to get press.

Keep in mind that certain outlets need stories quicker then others. One example is news media. They need to create content about what's relevant right now for their target. They may want to discuss a trend that was seen on the red carpet, a TV show or what's happening in popular culture.

A lot of times, a request may have a quick turnaround. You have to assess whether you’re going to accept that opportunity and then deliver. One of the the worst thing that you can do is not deliver and potentially ruin a relationship with an outlet. That's why you need to be ready at all times and move quickly to jump on a request.

If a media outlet responds to your pitch or reaches out, here are some things to think about and do:

  • Be prepared by having your brand’s toolkit ready so you can seize your opportunity whether it's months in advance or a same day deadline
  • Respond to their request in a timely manner to let them know that you are interested and can supply them with what they need by the due date so they know you are committed
  • Be willing to deliver, messenger or ship samples that are clearly labeled for that opportunity
  • If you're being interviewed, think about thoughtful answers that go beyond what's on your website or one-liners because you want to provide them with rich information for a better story
  • Send them images that are sized properly
  • Always meet their deadline. If you feel that you can't fit the deliverable into your schedule, block off time on your calendar and set a timer for 3o minutes to get it done!

In the end, remember that this is not just a press opportunity, but a business relationship that you are developing and one more outlet in your network.

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