Two Ways To Help You Not Dislike Social Media

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Social media. Love it or hate it?

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot from small business owners about how they feel about social media. While so many know that it’s good for their business, their feelings towards it aren’t always positive. Many have said I am sick of it, I hate it, I’m too old for it, or I’m just bad at it.

As an entrepreneur, the thought of managing social media, posting on a regular basis, engaging and creating a pool of content is in fact overwhelming. All of these reasons are understandable, so here are two big picture tips to help you turn your dislike like into a like.

I don’t have time for this. I am not good at social media. I have too much to do.

1. Reframe Your Thinking

To get over the hump, fear, or any reservations, you can use refarming to help you see differently. Simply put, reframing is looking at a situation or feeling through a different lens.

If you look at social media, whether that is Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest as a tool that can help you grow your business, social media becomes somewhat of a no brainer and the time and investment is of value to your brand. More specifically, if you think about these resources as free tools that can help you achieve your sales and communication goals while also building a community and gaining feedback, it really is a must-have for your brand.

2. Become the Social Media Manager Independent of Yourself

Your business is most likely small. You may be a solopreneur or have a few people on your team. So, this next piece of advice may be a bit tricky and take some time.

Try removing your personal feelings from the situation and try to problem solve from the preservices of a brand builder or a social business manager. For example, if a manager, an assistant or a consultant took over the role of social media for your brand, it wouldn’t be about them and it wouldn’t be about you. It would be about the business and helping to grow it which would require strategy, planning, execution and assessment.

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