How to Embed Compliments, Testimonials and Great Customer Feedback From Twitter to Your Website


Do you get good feedback on Twitter? Maybe it’s a compliment about your product, something nice about your brand, or even a photo of someone wearing your pieces. As these types of tweets come in, you should start documenting them by creating a page on your website or blog to let people know what others are saying. You can name the section customer praise, what people are saying or something clever as long as it fits with your brand's voice. In addition to showing how people are engaging with your brand and products, this is also another way for you to get traction and a tweet from an influencer, editor or brand may just be as powerful as a traditional form of press.

You can go back and search through tweets in the mentions section of Twitter, or as they happen, favorite them and go back and embed them later.

Here’s how to embed your tweets: 

While in your browser, go to Twitter and click on the @ section that says connect. Find the tweet that you like and put your curser over the bottom right side of the box and you will see reply, retweet, favorite and more. Click more and select embed media.

Embed Tweet into Twitter

A code will pop up so you can copy and paste it into your website. The benefit of embedding tweets through Twitter is that that users can click the original link, follow any Twitter handles mentioned, and also treat it like an original tweet with the option to reply, retweet, or favorite the content. Plus, all data on the tweet is updated in real-time.




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