How to Make Your Press Work Harder For Your Fashion Business


Adding Fashion Press to Your Social Media Outlets

Organizing your press is something that you should get into a habit of doing. Most brands add press to their website which helps to show traction. And, as an emerging designer, it's that traction you need to make customers, buyers and other media interested in your business. However, you don’t want to stop there. Be sure to keep the momentum going by adding your press to all the places where your brand lives both on and offline because that's how people experience your business.

Here are couple of other places where you can add your press and make it work harder for your brand:

1. Your blog: Every time you get press, it's an opportunity to post it on your blog. While you are writing a post, you can categorize and tag the post as press. Don't forget to include a link to where you can buy the item because it is one way to drive traffic back to your website or to the place where it is being sold.

2. Pinterest board: Pinterest provides a nice visual snapshot of the press you've landed. If you've also been on TV or have videos of yourself being interviewed, you can include YouTube videos to your board.

3. Facebook: Since Facebook is often seen as the second homepage, or the next biggest traffic driver second to a website, it's important to leverage all the features it provides. One option is to add your press to a photo album. You can also arrange where an album is placed so you can have your press one rise to the top. When you add photos, be sure to write a description and a link to where it can be purchased.

4.LinkedIn: Their portfolio feature is the perfect place within the platform to showcase your work. This relatively new feature also allows users to add videos, look books and other visual documents to showcase your professional accomplishments and designs.

5. Binder: Using a binder not only keeps you organized offline, but you can also use it at events such as a trunk show, pop-up or a trade show to give visitors a snapshot of your business. You may want to consider using page protectors to keep your press safe too.

6. Media kit: Your media kit will serve as a selling tool for your business. Adding a one-sheet of your most recent press is just the right amount to show what type of outlets you have been featured in.

7. Slideshow: If you use a tablet or computer at events, you may want to create a slideshow to showcase your work. Whether it's having one dedicated for press or mixed in with your brand story, a slideshow is an easy way to give people a quick glimpse into your business.

Since there are so many places where press can live, it's always important to find ways to drive visitors to another site. Including a link and a call to action such as "buy it here" or "to learn more" are easy ways to get people to your website, places you are stocked and a way to bring them on a journey with your brand.

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