How to Promote Your Email Newsletter and Get People to Sign Up


How-to-Grow-Your-Email-ListEmail marketing can be an excellent way to connect with your customer and share the latest information about your business. It can be highly targeted while also being a treasure trove of important data.

Newsletter companies provide a breadth of analytics which allows you to connect deeper with your audience and understand which offers and communication people are receptive to. This information can also help you become more strategic with your next steps such as outreach, sales and social media follow up.

Establishing a strong database is important early on because you will have a list of customers that you can reach out to when you want to share product news and information.

How to Gets Users to Sign Up

1. Give them a compelling reason why

Consumers are bombarded with multiple newsletters everyday. You have to be explicit about what the benefits are for them. This could be new product news, sales, styling tips, gift ideas special offers or invitations to events.

Another way is the fear of missing out strategy. Online retailer Net-A-Porter has a headline in the footer of their site that reads, "Don't Miss Out" and copy that says "Stay stylishly up-to-date with the latest news, hottest trends and new arrivals direct to your inbox." Since people want to feel like they have the most up-to-date information, this often leads to more users signing up.

2. Use existing real estate to promote  signups

There are several ways to promote your newsletter. Pop-ups on sites have now become a standard part of the user experience and placing an image with a link in other areas within a website and on other platforms work too. Some areas to consider are:

  • The footer of your website
  • On your blog through a widget or image with a link to the signup page
  • In your Facebook about section
  • Facebook tab: email marketing companies such as Mailchimp offer users to set up data capture through their integrations feature
  • Twitter profile description
  • In your email signature
  • Other section: Certain websites allow users to add additional links (e.g. in the about or contact sections)

3. Make it beautiful 

Whether you are creating banners, ads, apps or pop-ups, creating beautiful imagery and copy are key. Just like websites, blogs and social platforms, your marketing tools need to look good.

4. Leverage Offline Opportunities

If you're at a sales event or trade show, either have a clipboard to register users or do it on a tablet and be sure to tell them why they should sign up. Also consider giving those users a special offer for entering their information on the spot.

How to Promote Your Content

You've just created good content and sent it out to all of your users, but you still have to promote it to those that aren't on the list. Newsletter providers supply a link to the email campaign that was sent to your database so you can continue to share it with others on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

When you are sharing the link, add a call to action and also think of copy that will make a user want to learn more. Consider teasers like "guess which celebrity wore our dress" or share content like a beautiful image that they will consider worthy of a click.

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