How to Talk About Your Features and Benefits Like KP MacLane

I became a fan of KP MacLane, a line of polo shirts for men and women that are made in New York when I read about them in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year. The designers, Katherine Petty MacLane and Jared MacLane wanted to create a label that combined European fashion sensibilities with American craftsmanship and domestic production. The story detailed their manufacturing process and explained why their women's polo shirts cost $155.

Then, this summer, I received an email from their publicist that included a collateral piece titled, "KP MacLane's Guide to the New Classic" which explained the key elements of their polo shirt. I learned about their self collars, cross-stitched buttons that offered added stability and placket that was just the right length to expose the neckline in a conservative way, along with fabrication and fit details.

This simple, informative guide allowed me to understand the features and benefits of their product. I was just as intrigued as the first time I learned about them and went to their website to check out the site again. There, I learned more about their brand promise of revolutionizing the way American classics are made, how to wear their shirts and several other compelling facts.

As a designer, you should be able to breakdown the details of your products and tell your customer why your line stands out.  As you are building your sales pitches, whether that's for your wholesale or consumer accounts, being able to explain the features and benefits of your pieces are key. These points will go along way and may be the deciding factor when someone chooses to buy your brand versus the competition.

Check out this made in New York brand at KP MacLane.

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