How You Can Market Your Brand Everyday with National Days


National Best Friend's Day, Lipstick Day or even Ice Cream Day. Whether you have these days of the year on your radar or think they seem just too frivolous, know that they've become a great way for brands to market their business for several reasons. First, your customer doesn't want to be bombarded with a hard product sell all of the time. At this point, they are desensitized with messaging and are more apt to develop a connection and ideally convert by being exposed to a clear picture of your brand.

Days of the year allow you to showcase your point-of-view and of course, the lifestyle of your brand. They allow you to be clever about marketing and content can easily be created in advance once you've developed your marketing calendar. The challenge is creating content that is on brand, impactful and that is right for your business. Meaning, not every holiday is going to be a fit as there is something every day of the year like panini day or the other 364 days of the year noted on's calendar.

Another benefit is that these days allow your brand to join in on the conversation through social media trending topics and hashtags which may allow for greater reach and connections.

Major brands, publishers and small businesses are jumping on these days like emerging designer label Harbison that promoted National Friendship Day by featuring a throwback photo of Solange Knowles wearing his overcoat with Naomi Harris at Paris Fashion Week along with InStyle and Bergdorf Godman. Participation in these days can also be a news story as WWD profiled brands and retailers like Nars, Macy's and Lancome that created content for  National Lipstick Day.


One way to find out about these days is at Days of the Year. Once you get a feel for which days are right for your brand, plot them out on your marketing calendar and create compelling content around it.

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