Jagger Edge: the birth of the Techcessory


Alexis Walker and Gina Klein-Yao felt that the cell phone accessory market needed an infusion of style and individuality. They also believed that your phone says just as much about who you are as your clothes, shoes and handbags. With this in mind, they sought to create a brand that gave gadgets a burst of personality and of course, edge. Gina, a veteran in the industry who at one point owned her own showroom, and Alexis, a stylist, photographer and writer combined their strengths to create and now market Jagger Edge in early 2010. The Los Angeles-based line focuses on the Techcessory, a name they wisely coined for their sleek iPhone and iPad cases. Handmade by the best local artisans and leathersmiths, the collection mixes quality leathers with ornate spikes, fringe and studs to make the most supreme techcessory line.


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