Join the #DesignersPayitForward Charity Campaign


This holiday season, Wing Yin Yau, founder of  Wwake, the Brooklyn-based jewelry line that pushes conventions through artful creations is asking designers to join their Pay it Forward campaign. The idea is simple and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to give back to an organization of their choice while they prosper this holiday season. Yau started the effort last year after reflecting on the individuals that helped grow her business and felt that this was the time to do something good. While she admits that it's hard to part with profits as a young company, she realized that a little goes a long way when helping someone else.

The brand was able to donate over $1,500 to, which has a progressive program focused on educating women and children to break the cycle of homelessness in NYC.


As someone who never donated regularly to a charity before, this was a huge accomplishment. Most importantly, it set a good example; giving back can be easy even if it's small.

How Brands Can Get Involved
  • If you are having a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday or any type of holiday promotion, donate a percentage of these sales to a charitable organization

  • Tag the organization you chose in your social media efforts while promoting your sale

  • Donate 5% or more of your sales or 10-20% of your profits; even if it ends up being less than $100, that's meaningful

  • If it works for your business, match your offer with your donation like Wwake who has a Take 20 / Give 20 campaign, where the customer gets 20% off and they give 20% of profits to WinNYC

  • Be honest. Commit to  a donation that is reasonable for your business and stick to it by paying it within the month of finishing your sale

  • Use the hashtag #DesignersPayItForward to help share this idea and encourage others to as well
Charities to Consider

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