JungleCHICk: Inspirations from Venezuela

This emerging designer is from Venezuela Irma Bravo takes inspiration from Venezuela and adds her own abstract twist to her newest jewelry line, JungleCHICk. With degrees in architecture and fashion design from Parsons, her skills have landed her roles at Elie Tahari, Jason Wu and with several textile houses for exclusive collaborations. After leaving the corporate world, Irma returned to Venezuela and began developing her own line with a pact to only use materials from Venezuela. Now, the cornerstone of JungleCHICk has become her collaboration with locals, leveraging their expertise with materials and construction while infusing her own aesthetic. Over the past three years, she has been able to grow the brand and now splits her time between Caracas for product development and NYC to focus on her global marketing and sales efforts.

Irma combines what she calls noble elements of wood, horns, stones and seeds with industrial metals, leathers and acrylics to transform the line from artisanal-based, to a contemporary fashion label focusing on jungle-inspired themes such as flowers, leafs and animals. Her current collection consists of richly colored stacked and polished lucite bangles, woven soft leather cuffs and charming friendship bracelets with her iconic flower, the Centaura, subtly infused on to her pieces. With an ode to Venezuela mixed with her own distinctive flair, the line is ever so JungleCHICk.

  Check out the entire collection at www.junglechick.com Emerging designer? Feel free to contact us at hello@themergingdesigner.com