KENT Woman Launches The Annual Brief Organic Underwear Subscription

Courtesy: KENT Woman

Courtesy: KENT Woman


Los Angeles based design studio KENT Woman wants to give underwear an upgrade. Their newest solution? The Annual Brief. It’s the first organic cotton underwear subscription for women with inclusive sizing.

The Annual Brief™ was born out of the belief that what we put on our body should be as healthy and clean as what we put in our body. Each Brief is made of 100% certified organic Peruvian pima cotton which is naturally hypoallergenic, silky smooth fabric that's 100% free of toxins, synthetics and pesticides. Founder Stacy Anderson explains, “We eat organic food, use organic tampons and wear organic skincare, but are still wearing horribly synthetic, uncomfortable and overly complex underwear. Why should accept that?” 

Studies show that underwear should be replaced once a year for sanitary reasons. This is why each brief comes with a discreet born on date which serves as a reminder to swap old pairs for a new one.

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With each delivery, they will provide a recycled pouch for you to send pairs back to be refined or repurposed. Who’s ready for some new underwear?

Learn more at KENT Woman and order the annual brief.

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