KENTON Magazine Tells Us How to Develop an Ownable Hashtag like #HauteAttack


[portfolio_slideshow] #HauteAttack. It's the combination of "haute couture" and "heart attack" that describes incredibly chic images that could give you a heart attack (figuratively of course). So what might be dubbed #HauteAttack? These moments of shock and awe may include, but are not limited to the times when you discover a sick pair of Louboutins or is the result of Calvin Klein dressing Lady Gaga.

Alexander Liang, founder and Editor-In-Chief of KENTON magazine, a fresh online publication for young, stylish professionals that tackles fashion, culture and society from an insider’s perspective started using the hashtag on Twitter. As it gained popularity, he began tagging photos on Instagram. And, like any smart marketer that understands the opportunity that lies on Instagram with its surge of users from their new Andorid app, and buzz surrounding Facebook's acquisition, #HauteAttack now lives strong as one of their campaigns.

The idea is simple and is a way to drive engagement between readers and KENTON. Once a photo is tagged with #HauteAttack on Instagram, it appears on the site within minutes for readers to see images that others are having HauteAttack’s over. Alexander tells us, “we started this feature to encourage our readers to participate in our love and discovery of fashion through the seasons. We want to see what they love and offer a way for them to get noticed for their tastes as well.”

Using multiple platforms to share the news, they initially announced the effort to email subscribers and then promoted it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. KENTON plans to keep the hashtag around for the long run, but will also be introducing other cleverly crafted ones too.

Why Develop A Proprietary Hashtag?

1. It will help establish a sense of community by encouraging a dialogue with your followers and partners. Plus, people love being featured! 

2. A tag that’s ownable to your brand can be promoted throughout multiple social media platforms, online destinations and offline through marketing materials such as postcards, thank you notes or packaging with a call to action like “send us your #HauteAttack” photos.

3. A hashtag that can live long-term can help brand your business and act as a conversation starter when you are talking to fans or people in your network. 

So how does an emerging designer get featured on KENTON?

We look for pitches that are clear and concise. Sharing photos or video is also eye-catching.  Simply sharing a brand with us gets it on our radar, but if there's exciting news or a cool concept attached, we're more likely to consider writing about it. I'm also very impressed by people who have done their research on our various types of features and suggest where they think their brand could fit well.

Check out KENTON and be sure to tag your undeniably chic photos with #HauteAttack on Instagram.

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