Ksenia Schnaider Fall/Winter 16


Deconstructed, oversized, dimensional and layered. These are just some of the many takes on denim that make up Ksenia Schnaider's fall 16 winter line. Ksenia and Anton, two Kiev-based designers wanted to create basic pieces of clothing with a twist and offer looks that that would be far from ordinary. Their demi denim, a name that they coined after a suggestion from Instagram is made up of three pairs of regular jeans that are taken apart and sewn back together that mix the cut of trousers with shorts and a skirt. You'll see raw edges, mixed washes and detailed construction to make this wardrobe staple refreshed.

The collection is also made up button downs, easy-to-wear dresses and sweatshirts embroidered with 100% Cotton" or "100% Nothing" touting the realness of the garments. The designers believe:

We live in the world, where nothing is 100% natural anymore: not food, not clothes, not even feelings. Ksenia and Anton, as designers, decided to argue with this tendency by creating a 100% real collection. If it is a shirt, then it is sewed according to all the canons of traditional shirts; if it is a dress, it is the most real dress of all.

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