Lessons Learned From Kate Spade New York's Art of the Dot Campaign


Fresh, colorful and authentic, Kate Spade New York is one of those brands to admire and learn from each season. 2012 is the year of the pattern and for every piece of news, there's always a clever launch; like their win a trip to Bora Bora contest to announce their Tahitian floral motif. Always in line with their brand promise of quick and curious and playful and strong, they  integrate their message in-store and online throughout all of their digital platforms.

To celebrate their new pattern, they created the The Art of the Dot campaign. This weekend they had vibrant polka dot-clad roller girls skating around New York telling women to check out the store while passing out their special-edition nail appliqués (in dots of course). For those that took pictures, these ladies also encouraged passerbys to use the #Artofthedot hashtag if they posted their photo to Instagram and/or Twitter.

Similar to their other news, Art of the Dot themed creative is on their You Tube channel, showing these colorful polka dot girls skating around and other visual references of the pattern on their Pinterest, blog and other outlets for a witty, integrated campaign.

How can an emerging designer learn from Kate Spade New York? 
  • Whether you are launching a collection or focusing on touting a specific product, think about how you can develop a story to communicate your news. Take this idea and make it scalable both on and offline.
  • Be consistent in voice and imagery to help build your brand and attract brand ambassadors that can interact with your each season.
  • Create a hashtag that can be used on Twitter, Instagram and all other digital outlets that you're on. And, if you are offline participating in a trunk show, market or trade show, be sure to use it and promote it offline.
  • Be active with your audience. And, while that may not be riding around town in roller skates, there are several things you can do to engage them. You can ask your target questions, drive them to your website or a retailer partner, or even have them participate in an activity. Just remember that it's about a two-way conversation!
  • Balance your product sell with engagement techniques so your target will be more likely to interact with your brand and hopefully, this will be the beginning of an on-going relationship.
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Learn more about Art of the Dot at Kate Spade New York.

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