Lessons Learned From the New Barneys Man Instagram Account

Earlier this month, Barneys launched an Instagram account dedicated to the men of Barneys New York. The account caters to their target, the discerning men in fashion and plays off the brand's taste, luxury and humor positioning. It also shows the importance of this market and the opportunity to deliver content that fits into their lifestyle.

To promote the news, they used Facebook and told subscribers about it in their newsletter which focused on menswear label Gitman. Sharing the news on multiple touch points allowed consumers to learn about the account, and gave them the ability to continue the brand journey.

Their photos already make up a diverse range of content. In addition to visuals, they also provide simple copy that goes a long way because it provides context around the photo to help inform, remind and inspire their customer.

Here are 9 types of content they shared:

See all of their posts on the Barney's Man instagram account.

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