MAGIC Market Week Fueling the Trade Show Experience

 MAGIC Market Week

Gone are the days when a trade show served as a venue where retailers did business with designers. The industry has upped the ante by creating full blown experiences for everyone involved. MAGIC Market Week has fueled this trend by creating interesting programming across all of their platforms. With every piece of real estate accounted for and events scheduled throughout the day to include celebrity appearances, parties, happy hours and runway shows, it's become an industry destination that goes beyond designer discovery.

Here's what went on during MAGIC Market Week:

1. Trusted experts: A new addition to SOURCING at MAGIC, Maker's Row, the online platform that makes finding American factories and suppliers easy helped guide attendees to resources at the show and in their database to make searching for vendors a little less daunting.

2. Beauty and grooming: A trade show is not complete unless it's filled with grooming opportunities. Guys could gets cuts from the Capsule Pop-Up Barber Shop at PROJECT while ladies were able to schedule a manicure from Butter London at POOL.

3. The ultimate trade show booth: Brands stepped up their merchandising to get buyers in the mood. Lacoste showed their product in action buy setting up a tennis booth.

4. Fitness: Allign, a company championing a movement to promote health and awareness offered personal hair cuts, yoga and even a tent to take a break.

5. Swanky beverage station and lounge: The show floor included a vintage woodie to set the stage for a beverage station so guests could sit, relax and get a drink.

6. Fun and games: From ping pong tables to DIY stations like the one from Mighty Wallet, where guests could create their own designs as part of the brand's new artist collective program to get creative juices moving and blood flowing. 

7. Emerging designer exposure: One of the first trade shows to help support emerging designers, the semi-annual showcase offers space at a reduced rate for winners of their open call.

8. Design challenge: In pursuit of supporting and discovering new talent, American Express Open Forum created the Rising Star  challenge where three designers were tasked to create a handbag in three days.