Maker's Row Launches Premium Plans with More Features for Designers



Maker's Row, the online sourcing resource for fashion, home and furniture designers has launched premium plans. With their recent upgrade, designers are able to go beyond browsing and drill down to specific details that meet their needs along with expedited communication with US factories and invites to special events.

Key features of the premium plan include:

  1. Advanced Search: Users can identify the right factory by searching by state, popularity ratings and other important features.
  2. Premium Inbox & Status: Designers will move to the front of the line when communicating with factories and get a faster response. Premium status will be made visible on your messages, brand profile and projects.
  3. Exclusive Events: Premium users will be notified of in-person events and online sessions that will allow them to build their brand and connect with others.

A premium one-year subscription is $10/month paid yearly. For 50% off 12 months, use the code emergingdesigner. Learn more at Maker's Row and check out their premium plan.

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