How to Identify Your Brand's Seasonal Sweet Spot


Vespertine NYC There are certain times of the year when your fashion business will thrive. This is your seasonal sweet spot. For swimwear it's in the summer, knitwear in the winter and if you design items that fit into a particular moment in popular culture such as evening clutches, then awards season is just one period of the year when you should focus on celebrity outreach for red carpet exposure.

Designers like Sarah Canner of Vespertine, a New York-based company that makes fashionable reflective bikewear is in her moment. Her line consists of easy-to-wear and ride in pieces that provide cyclists with illuminating looks on the street and range from dresses to fashionable vests and accessories likes belts and bow ties.

As part of National Bike Month this May, there are many events and initiatives in New York such as the Citi Bike Share program that helps Vespertine thrive. Sarah told us that she's seen a bump in sales during this season from the direct-to-consumer channel.

Like Sarah, in these seasons, you'll want to leverage all of the ways that you can promote your business. This way, you can be relevant to your audience, connect with a larger group of users and also be a source of news for media outlets such as magazines and blogs that are looking for timely stories.

Here's how to identify your sweet spot:

 Ask yourself these questions: 

  • When are my products best used?
  • What time of year do you or can you sell the most?
  • Does your product fit with a special occasion?
  • At what time of year can your target get the most out of your products?
  • Can your products be given as gifts?

Consider leveraging these moments for your brand:

  • Seasons - Fall, winter, spring and summer are important milestones. Seasons signify change, reinvention, fresh starts and often come with new wardrobes, different color stories and styles.
  • Destinations - Spring break, seasonal travel and getaways usually involve shopping for functional items like swimwear or feel-good items such as a new summer dress.
  • Holidays - Fourth of July, Christmas, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Labor day are times people are wearing colorful outfits, new styles and want to look good at events.
  • Milestones and occasions - Graduation, weddings, baby showers are not only times where people get dressed up, but are times when people give gifts and an opportunity to sell more and even consider special packaging for an easier sale.
  • Retail cycles - Back to school and holiday are two of many important times on the retail calendar and knowing a stores sweet spot is just as important as knowing yours.

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