Meet the Fashion Director of at the OS Fashion Meetup on April 4


There's so much to learn and love about, the e-commerce site that is changing the way companies are approaching design and social engagement. For those of you that aren't smitten with the brand, at its core, their business revolves around curating well designed products from both established and indie labels that are promoted through daily design inspirations via flash sales, and what I'd like to call my fix of visual harmony for the senses. They offer up to 70% off of retail to members, (it's free to join) and with over 2 million users in the past 7 months, they are expected to do $100 million in sales this year. They've combined flash sales with social commerce in what seems to be a turn-key model. Fab's calendar lays out upcoming sales which helps members pencil in when they should be online or on their app for a sale, and also lets them share soon-to-be sold merchandise on social media platforms, ultimately promoting the sale to their network. Their most recent "news feed" tab allows users to share, see and buy what's popular and with their "social shopping" feature that credits users with money that can be applied toward merchandise when they share their favorites and purchases, social dynamics are in full swing pre, post and during each sale.

Fab's marketplace has continued to grow and since design transcends several categories, they've created "shops" ranging from kids, pets, art and vintage to give the site focus. They've also given each day a handle like "Fashion Tuesdays" or "Kids Wednesday" to fill the week with organized discovery and for targeted marketing.

Interested in learning more about the brand that is changing the online landscape? On Wednesday, April 4, OS Fashion will be hosting a discussion with Vivian Weng, Director of Fashion for Vivian was also the Co-Founder of, an indie marketplace that was recently acquired by Fab, so her insight and learnings will be applicable to all. The half hour conversation will be followed by a Q&A session and your opportunity to get an insider's perspective about the brand that democratizes good design.

Sign up for this Meetup at Open Source Fashion. Wed, April 4 Wix Lounge 10 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor 6-8:30pm Cost: $15 and includes beer and wine

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