My First Blog Post


I’ve decided to start a blog for many reasons. For two years now, I’ve had a column on featuring emerging New York-based fashion designers which has exposed me to some of the city's best talent.  As the Event and Marketing Director for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards, an international handbag design competition presented by InStyle and Handbag Designer 101, I’ve been lucky enough to work with up-and-coming designers from around the world.  I’ve heard their true stories, watched them grow and have been inspired by their tenacity in this industry. My day-to-day life is also surrounded by fashion. As a Parsons alumn, instructor at FIT and a member of the Fashion Center BID, Emerging Designer group, I find myself making invaluable connections and friends daily.  I can't forget about all of the people that I've connected with on Twitter and Facebook too.

Along with fashion, my heart belongs to marketing, and now social medial.  As an-ex Chicago ad girl (yes, think Mad Men) I will also provide tips and resources on ways to market and build a brand. Ultimately, my hope is that this blog will serve as another way to build and foster a community of emerging talent in the US and internationally.

Welcome to The Emerging Designer!



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