One Pop-Up Shop Exercise You Should Do Before You Commit to a Space

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By now you probably know that pop-up shops can be beneficial to fashion brands for several reasons. It's one way to generate brand awareness, increase exposure in a market, get consumer learnings, and of course, sell your product.

When producing a pop-up shop, in addition to having a plan for merchandising, marketing, promoting and selling, there's one exercise you should to before you commit to a venue.

Doing a location scout is extremely important because it can impact sales. And, with the money and time you put into participating in one, it's key that you plan everything strategically.

Here are a few things you should do when you're assessing a space:

1. Go to the area where you are having your pop-up shop on the days and during the hours it will be open and observe the dynamics.

2. Ask yourself if it's easy to find and whether people will come.

3. Look at the foot traffic and watch for times when it's busy and slow. Also look for major intersections and public transportation.

4. Walk down the street and the nearby blocks to see if it's an area where your brand fits because it's also important for your business to hang with like-minded companies.

5. Get additional insight by talking to retailers, neighbors and restaurants to understand busy times of the year, the types of customers spending money and when traffic is at its highest because this information could impact your hours of operation. You can also befriend a nearby business and see if there's a way to cross-promote your event.

6. Look at the neighborhood and see what type of customers are there. Are they commuters, shoppers that are local, tourists or  residents? Different types of consumers spend and shop differently so you'll want to understand who your target will be.

7. Check to see if there is space to put signage and merchandising out at the eye and street level.

By doing this simple exercise, you can make a more informed decision on whether you commit to a space and how to move forward with success.

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