One Reason Why Your Pitch May Get Deleted


via Exclusively Fanore Ever wonder why you don't get a response when you send out a pitch? There are several factors that may determine whether someone responds to you or not. These could be external reasons like it's bad timing, someone is just too busy or it's not a fit. From their point-of-view, it could be that something is missing from your pitch or something has turned them off.

One small, but really important must-have in a pitch is the proper salutation. It's the start of your email and automatically sets the tone of how it will flow. Buyers and press dislike generic greetings such as "hi there" or "hello." The worst may just be dear sir or madam. Some people try to sound friendly and casual by writing "hey babe,  or "hi love," but while this trick seems nice, it's still not tailored. When people see this, they often times think it's a mass email blast and figure that you didn't take the time to learn about who they are or what they do. And, when that intel is easily available online, there's no excuses for not doing it.

To make sure your pitches start of strong, here are some ways to find out more about the person you are are pitching:

  • Check the masthead of any magazine to see who works there
  • Install Rapportive if you use Gmail
  • Do a Google search
  • Check LinkedIn
  • Search social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get leads
  • Visit the company's about or contact us section

Simply put, the person you are writing to has a name so be sure to show your respect for them and use it. In turn, your pitch will be stronger and may get you one step closer to connecting with a new contact.

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