One Simple Trade Show Tip to Help You Sell


Tradeshows are a huge investment for brands. And, nowadays, there's so much clutter between the amount of labels exhibiting and the various shows happening at the same time that are hoping to get buyers and press to attend. For any business, the challenge becomes how to get people into their booth, spark interest and elicit and action whether that's write an order, take notes or make an initial contact. On the show floor, your products may merchandise themselves well in a display or have great anger appeal. However, if your pieces aren't really brought to life on display, it can easily be a deterrent because people may not be able to visualize how your pieces can be worn or styled, and have limited time to invest in doing so.

To prevent this and provide them with additional context, be sure to have photos readily available where models are wearing your products. Of course, showing your lookbook while you present your clothes is an option, but having it live on an iPad or device so you can easily scroll through photos, zoom in to show details or fit and even email someone immediately makes the whole process seamless. It's a compliment to having someone touch and feel your product, brings more emotion into play and a small trick that can quickly give your collection the additional dimension it deserves to help you win in the sales game.

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