OS Fashion Meetup Recap: Leveraging Instagram to Grow Your Business

The Emerging Designer Instagram

Instagram. It's the wildly successful and somewhat addictive platform that allows you to share and filter photos to your liking. For businesses, it's one way to grow your brand and with their recent announcement of a new status feed combined with third party applications, there are so many ways to use this tool. From a marketing perspective, you can use the platform to help drive sales, execute a contest or even connect with editors, retailers and fans.

At the OS Fashion Meetup, experts from The Mobile Media Lab, Olapic, and LP Fashion Philosophy shared with the audience how they use the platform and some best practices to keep in mind:

1. First and foremost, it's about content and the key is quality visuals.

2. Users need to understand that Instagram is its own social network and engagement is important. Using the 70/30 rule is one way of managing your time on the platform. This means that 30% could be content creation and 70% is discovery and interaction in the form of likes, thanks and even asking questions.

3. Your content could be about what you are designing, your life, interests and even food! These types of visuals allow users to see you and your brand as approchable, accessible and it adds a humanizing factor to the experience.

4. A great way to own a conversation is to use a customized hashtag such as #EmergeDesigner and when partnering with others, it can be a way to strengthen the relationship and see results.

5. If you start a campaign or partnership, be sure to define goals and understand what success will look like. From here, your strategy can be built from what you've set out to accomplish.  Statigram is a services that allows you to develop your own contests and also provides users with a rich set of analytics.

6. There are several apps to enhance the visual experience.  Overgram allows users to add typography to photos and Diptic organizes multiple photos in a grid layout.

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