Podcasts to Listen to for Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Learning

Photo by  Prince Abid  on  Unsplash

Photo by Prince Abid on Unsplash

Whether you are a podcast junkie or haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there are so many out there to help you get a dose of business inspiration, learning and personal growth. They’re free, can be consumed in small doses and provide a fresh perspective too. Plus, as a small business owner, it’s nice to way to step out of your day-to-day with some knowledge and self improvement from others.

Here are our recommendations with the help from Haerfest, Vanessa Lianne Jewelry and Between The Sheets Lingerie.


Business & Entrepreneurship

  1. Guy Raz helps tell the stories of innovators and entrepreneurs from some of the world’s best known companies on How I Built This.

  2. Hear conversations from the top businesses leaders and what they did to get to the top on This is Success by Business Insider.

  3. Learn ow companies such as Facebook, Google, Spanx and more have grown exponentially on Masters Of Scale by Reid Hoffman.

  4. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant helps unearth workplace dynamics to help understand how we can live a more meaningful and creative life at work on WorkLife with Adam Grant.

  5. Get the headlines on important business stories from top brands in 20 minutes or less with MarketSnacks Daily. Plus, co-founders Jack Kramer and Nick Martell have a humorous charm.

  6. Listen to honest conversation, inspiration and knowledge from women that have pushed the boundaries to make their mark on Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso.

The Fashion industry

  1. A weekly show discussing the intersection of fashion and technology on The Glossy Podcast.

  2. The top global names in the industry discuss all on the Business of Fashion.

  3. Dive into the history of fashion on Unravel a Fashion Podcast.

  4. Get the scoop on the inner workings of the fashion industry diving deep into designing, selling and making of garments and accessories with a focus on sustainability and innovation on American Fashion Podcast.

  5. Emerging designer Gabrielle Mandel interviews the community she’s met while creating her brand on Creative Conversations by Supra Endura.

  6. Emerging Designer Recho Omondi discusses current events and the fashion industry with those in the know on OMONDI Presents: The Cutting Room Floor .

Wellness, Life & Spirituality

  1. Refinery29 Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder Christene Barberich gets real with her guests discussing work, love and life on UnStyled by Refinery29.

  2. Founder Vanessa Perel-Panar of Vanessa Lianne Jewelry says that Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast is “filled with insightful and nourishing information from business leaders, wellness experts and authors that are rooted in mindfulness.”

  3. Gwyneth Paltrow and goop's Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen talk with the top practitioners, wellness experts, healers and more to encourage new ways of thinking and living on The goop Podcast.

  4. Business Expert Beth Kirby combines business smarts, a creative passion and the truth about growing a small business along with actionable advice on Raw Milk - The Creative Business Podcast.

  5. The Golden Girl of Wellness Candice Kumai speaks authentically about growing a business with unabashed real talk that will make you laugh, cry and feel inspired on Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast.

  6. Layla L’Obbatti of Between The Sheets Lingerie says Jonathan Fields has a lot of creative guests and insightful interviews. He shows how many paths and definitions there are for success on The Good Life Project.

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