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ivan_grundahl For fall, FIT has launched a series of affordable fashion and home related classes for professionals interested in sustainable design. This series will explore popular industry topics and help provide a better understanding of challenges faced in today's marketplace that will impact your business.

Sustainable Marketing

Green is one of the most overused words in popular culture. While an interest in all things green bodes well for the planet, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between a marketing ploy and a serious sustainability effort. In this class we will look at marketing trends, consumer perceptions and efforts to regulate claims such as the Federal Trade Commission’s Environmental Marketing Guidelines. Learn how companies and professionals can get beyond the green buzz, stay clear of greenwashing and use marketing to both sell and educate.

Cost: $115 Dates: November 18, 25, 2, 9, Time: 6-9pm

Sustainable Textiles: Sourcing and Direct Application 

Sourcing sustainable fabrics and finding the right eco-dyes/ finishes to work with textiles is a multifaceted endeavor. During this course, you will gain sound fundamentals on both historical, current, and future sustainable textiles, how to source for eco-textiles, as well as hands-on demonstrations including direct color application such natural dyeing and printing pastes, as well as how to set up an environmentally friendly dye/ print studio. This class will be a combination of lectures, group discussion, and hands-on demonstrations.

Cost: $115 Dates: Dec 7-8 Time: 10-5pm

Materials and Eco Labels for Interior Designers

This course will delve into sustainable materials and relevant eco labels for interiors. We will consider the impact of materials used on the environment, the designed spaces and the people who inhabit them. We will cover many examples of new eco-materials and look into all the factors that impact a material choice from sourcing, location, and processing through finishing and end of life disposal. Learn the part materials play in the LEED rating system for projects/buildings.

Cost: $115 Dates: Nov 19, 26, Dec 3, 10 Time: 6pm-9pm

Rehabs, Renovations and New Construction for Interior Design

Sustainable interiors are integrally tied to a building’s characteristics. This course will explore goals and methods of green design for buildings, from rehabs and renovations to new construction. Students will learn the key tenets of ecodesign and how they impact considerations and decisions for interiors including material selection, finishes, indoor air quality, lighting and plumbing as well as LEED criteria.

Cost: $115 Dates: Dec 7-8 Time: 10-5pm

To learn more and register for these classes, visit FIT's Sustainable Design catalog.

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