Register for the Fashion Law Institute's Annual Ethics Event


When it comes to ethics in fashion, culturation appropriation and sexual harassment have been in the spotlight this year.  We've heard allegations and seen brands use designs, models and imagery on the runway, in editorials and advertising. Earlier in the year, there was Dapper Dan and the Gucci blow up along with Stella McCartney's use of an African ankara print in her Spring 2018 show that received a storm of backlash. These examples are just to name a few. 

Now, with the recent Harvey Weinstein news, it's now more important than ever to discuss sexual harassment in the industry and foster an environment where individuals feel safe and companies act in a proactive way to discuss uncomfortable situations. 

To bring light to these topics, The Fashion Law Institute will be holding their annual ethics event titled Dead to Rights: Ethical Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation, Postmortem Rights of Publicity, and the Ghost of Harvey Weinstein on Thursday, October 26. 

The two conversations will seek to answer questions such as when does a costume constitute cultural misappropriation and how can we keep fear of cultural appropriation from curtailing cultural exchange in fashion? Do settlement agreements in sexual harassment cases bury victims in unethical silence?

To be a part of the conversation, register at the Fashion Law Institute.

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017 Time: 6:00-7:50pm (reception 5:30pm) Place: Fordham Law School, 150 W. 62nd Street, 2nd floor NYS CLE:  2.0 hours ethics

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