Retail News: Gap Advertises on New York's MetroCards to Celebrate Herald Square Flagship Renovation



In New York, subway advertising can go just about everywhere: walls, escalators, floors and now, the front of the MTA's MetroCard. For the first time in over 15 years, the Gap has become the first brand to get dibs on this prime piece of real estate. To celebrate their newly renovated flagship Herald Square location, "Be Bright NYC," a regional play on their current global campaign which embodies Gap's All-American roots and optimistic approach is the featured art work. Commuters with the card will receive 20% off during their visit to any U.S. retail store from October 1 through November 18.

This tactic puts the message front and center as most transit advertising is just as fleeting as the speed at which most New Yorker's move. The card is also a reminder of Gap's easily accessible location at the corner of 34th Street and Broadway and their promotion with every single swipe.

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