Retailer 48 & SEA Launches to Support Women Entrepreneurs


Jennifer Meyer has always had entrepreneurship on her mind. Her mother ran a successful business built on the foundation of kindness, authenticity and strength. Naturally, Jennifer wanted to follow in her footsteps and starting an e-commerce business allowed her to combine her interest in design, people and product.  

Based in Brooklyn, Meyer tells us that 48 & SEA is inspired by her old neighborhood in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco where she met a local community of entrepreneurs and serves as a reminder to keep her grounded and honest.

Working with emerging designers was natural for her. Inspired by their stories and the opportunity to purchase products that have purpose and meaning, she's constantly motivated. She's also worked with e-commerce startups in both San Francisco and NYC, where she touched customer support, operations and sales.

48 & Sea 

My shop is also a platform to support women designers

Every business she brings on is either founded or co-founded by a woman. Each brand must be a fit with 48 & SEA's aesthetic, but also has the opportunity to share their brand story. Her long term goal is to be the premier destination for women-made goods. 

Other criteria includes craftsmanship, practicality and thoughtful design along with sustainable practices, supply chain and how versatile items are in everyday life. 

I think we as women inherently crave some form of community. I wanted to create a space that supported women and their endeavors and in turn inspired others to forge their own paths. I am continually inspired by the women I work with and feel very lucky to be creating a space for them to grow.

48 & Sea

48 & Sea

48 & Sea

48 & Sea


48 & SEA's Retail Tips for Emerging Designers 

Take time to list your ideal retailers. I’d say the same thing about reaching out for press to bloggers, magazines and newspapers. Make sure your product fits the market so you don’t waste your time and live in email! Have great product photography - product shots, lifestyle shots, detailed shots. On your website, include thorough product descriptions (ingredients, care, materials, etc...).

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